Winter is officially here! While winter can be a wonderful and busy time filled with days of skiing and cosy nights in front of the fireplace, it can also be a great time to reflect on the events of the past year and plan for the upcoming warmer months.


The Beauty Files

Get luxe lashes instantly!

Get 3D Luxe Lashes at Polished Beauty Bar Our 3D silk lashes are a quick and effective way of instantly creating thick, long and luscious lashes that are lightweight, and have a natural look and feel.  The application process for 3D lashes is the same as the classic way of applying lash extensions, however each […]

The Cutting Edge

Winter Hair Tips

Winter can wreak havoc on your hair. The cold air and blasting winds can dry out your hair making it brittle, leading to split ends. To help prevent this, we have listed some of our best tips on how you can protect your hair from the damage that the winter elements can cause. 1. Cover […]

Health & Wellness

Get your daily dose

Did you know that daily supplements can have an incredible impact on your skin, hair and nails? Vitamins and minerals are essential in helping the body function and stay healthy by repairing and regenerating cells when required. Different vitamins and minerals can be great for your skin, helping to rejuvenate it and restore a healthy […]